Talk to me about May

…specifically the first two weeks of May.

Last night I was literally SOBBING because I don’t have a trip to look forward to. We were riding home from dinner and I just broke down. My college BFF just went, my nieces are going in December, my principal is there now, and all of their planning and pictures have gotten me so overwhelmed that I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

SO…DH told me to start looking for a good time to go for next year. We have only ever gone the week following Thanksgiving but I want to go earlier than that. I teach high school so all of this is tentative until my time off is approved by my principal. My birthday is May 12th and I was looking at some crowd calendars and it looks like the 5th - 12th might be a decent time to go.

What are your thoughts? Should I try to go in May for my birthday or is there another time you would recommend with nice weather and lower crowds?

Thanks for all your help!!

May is wonderful! The weather should be hot but not unbearable! It is also Flower and Garden! You will need park hoppers to go to Epcot a few times and see the displays, go to the concerts and eat at the booths!

I don’t have anything to compare to as we have always gone in May. But we find May is a great time to go. the weather is very warm (even hot at times). May is one of their dryer months, little or no rain and the crowds are moderate and the hotels are also moderate priced. So using your Crowd Calendar and tour plans, you will have a fun relaxing time.

We went May 1- May 5 this year. It was wonderful. The topiaries at Epcot’s F&G festival were gorgeous. It was hot but not TOO hot. It poured one day only. We stayed in the cabins at Ft Wilderness and had a glorious time.

We went last week of April through 1st week of May
Weather was great (it rained once the whole trip), crowds were NOT overly busy and everything we wanted to do we were able to get done easily with very little wait time (compared to what we expected) Not to mention the pricing was MUCH nicer than the hotter times of the year.

I tried to time the trip outside of the holidays and school influences and it worked a treat! other than the hundreds of cheerleaders everywhere for some big world wide competition, although I guess that could be considered a plus if you have teenage boys? :slight_smile:

We’ve been in May before and had a great time - not only that when we went (several year ago) we stayed in a disney hotel and it was a “free disney dining included” time to go as well which was a big bonus

We upgraded to deluxe dining and ate like kings during that break - without massive expense

In July we ate like kings but with massive expense!!

It’s certainly quieter than July as well

We went May 6-13 last year and had a great time (though it was our first trip to WDW so I don’t really have anything to compare it to)! The mornings were lovely but the afternoons were definitely hot. If I recall correctly I think there was a bit of a heat wave happening. We found the crowds manageable, but they were a bit higher than predicted. When I checked after the fact crowds were generally 6s/7s with a couple of 8s for the week.

Late April or early May is my third favor time to go (after Nov and Jan). Crowds and weather are both reasonable and H&G is going on at EP.