Talk to me about La Hacienda


Family is considering this for dinner on our Epcot day. How is the food there? Also, is it possible to view Illuminations from there? And if so, what time would we aim for reservation to increase our chances of that?


We really liked LaH - it has more upscale Mexican food, definitely not Taco Bell. You can watch Illuminations from there - they even dim the lights and pipe in the soundtrack.

The recommended strategy from the UG for getting a good table for Illuminations at LaH (or R&C) is as follows:

  • Make a dinner reservation for about 1 hour and 15 minutes before showtime.
  • Report a few minutes early for your seating and tell the host that you want a table where you can view IllumiNations during or after dinner.

In my experience the CMs will bend over backwards to accommodate you. Also, when you are being seated, if you see a better table available (or there is one that is ready to be cleared) ask the CM if you can move to it.


I like it. Its certainly the best Mexican food in WDW. If the menu items sound good to you, then I highly recommend it; they do a good job. I especially like the Mole ("MO-lay"), and the Queso Fundido is second only to the one at my favorite Mexican restaurant in San Diego.


Cool so I was fairly on track with a 730pm aim time.

Menu looks really good and my family loves Mexican


We followed the unofficial guide for our trip this past late August and made a reservation for 7:45 PM for a 9:00 Illuminations show on a Saturday night. Since we were staying on property, I made the reservations as early as I could. We were seated promptly when we got there about 7:40 pm. Took our time with our meal and it ended right around 9:00 pm. Told the hostess when we checked in that we wanted a window seat if possible to watch the show and they accommodated us with a seat right at the window pretty much in the center of the action. Food was above average; very good Mexican food. Whole family enjoyed our meal and my wife and I who eat a lot of Mexican food were pleasantly surprised. Even with the free dining plan, the bill was still around $110 because of tip, 2 apps, and 2 drinks each for 2 adults but was worth it. Tables by the windows can be very close but the space is nice and the waiter was good. They do turn the lights down and pipe in the music for Illuminations but on our night it was hard to hear the music. Additionally and surprisingly, there were a lot of people talking around us that was distracting and dampened the show a bit for the adults and kids seeing the show for the first time. Some have suggested that maybe you watch it outside first and then inside second. Later in the week we did watch outside and with the music, noise, and fireworks, it was better outside. Overall, I would still recommend doing it, but maybe after you experience the show outside first. Hope that helps. Enjoy your trip!


I really liked the food here as does my hubby and the kiddos.

We did get to watch Illuminations from there. We did just as suggested above. You have been there enough to be able to enjoy watching from the table. It is kinda nice to sit and watch.


I'm of the camp that doesn't try to time dinner and Illuminations. To me they are two separate events to be enjoyed on their own merits; I eat first and then find a location for Illuminations, perhaps with an after-dinner adult beverage.


Yeah we've done it that way too. Changing it up this time!