Talk to me about Festival of Lion King FPP

Right now we have 11:30-11:45 FPP for the 12 showing. Do we really need to be there in that small 15 minute window for a show that is not starting until 12:00. Tring hard to optimize and so wanted to understand the limitations. Crowd Level is 8 on the day we are there.

They let FPP in before they open the theater to everyone else. So yes, you should arrive within that window.

But will they let me in before the show if I missed the window? Let’s say family goes in and I stay back to pick up a snack. Will they let me in at 11:50 with FPP or not really?

I would imagine you’d still get in, but there’s a small chance you wouldn’t get to sit with your family. We turned up 10 mins before the start time and they were still letting the FP line in.

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For some reason I think they do not allow you to bring food into that theatre?

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I feel like you’re right.

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They do not hold any special seating for FPP. So if you arrive after 11:45 you will most likely be directed to enter with the general public.


I believe the rule is indoor seating no food allowed, outdoor seating food is allowed. FOTLK is indoor - no food.

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Any tricks to getting good seats at this show? My husband and I just by luck say in the front row when we arrived just in the nick of time. Any tricks to landing better seats?

Nope. It’s all luck really except FPP

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