Talk to me about 10 year olds

Hello! I’ve never been to Universal, and I’m hoping to plan a combination UOR/WDW trip in 2021, to celebrate my daughter turning 10. It would be far more convenient to go after her birthday, but possibly cheaper to go before. Other than saving around $10 on her park tickets, are there any other costs at Universal that change when she turns 10?

I’m not sure of any other cost factors. Important thing is your daughter at that age may be tall enough to go on all the rides. We are also doing a combined trip (3 UOR, 4 WDW) in March with an 11 and 13 year old.

10 bucks is 10 bucks!!!
I find universal to be more thrill ride-ish than other Orlando options so you may want to check out what she can ride and if it appeals to her. You’ll know if she’s adventurous enough for The Mummy for example. I think she may gave outgrown Seuss for example, but is she a Harry Potter fan??

Good points! She’s a total daredevil and a Harry Potter fan. I haven’t measured her in a while, but she’s somewhere over 52 inches. I suppose if she’s not yet tall enough for everything, that’s a point in favor of traveling later in the year.

Incredible Hulk Coaster is 54". Everything else is lower.

We went in Feb when DD was just shy of 10. I think that is a really good age for the first trip. She is short for her age (12th percentile) but she could ride everything except three, and she wouldn’t have been interested in them anyway. The other thrill rides were mostly of the simulation variety, which she was fine with. She was young enough to enjoy Seuss and we all found it charming.

The only one on the edge was Hagrid’s. We rode it in the evening the first (dang Seuss land, DH and DD didn’t want to leave and didn’t understand why “Hagrid’s has a 30 minute wait” meant “Get your butt in gear”, not “take your time” Doing it in the dark was a mistake as it was much scarier for a first time. The next day DH and I wanted to ride it again since we live far away (at the local Six Flags we have adult days where we ride what she won’t ride). So, she had to wait in line with us, when we got close she decided to ride it again. That was the highlight of the trip for me. I glowed. She loved it that time and the next time too.

She loved the Harry Potter stuff. I’d made DH a Jedi robe, and DD a Ravenclaw robe, which gave us rock-star level of attention. The wand was hours of fun. She was chosen for the ceremony.