Talk Me Off the Ledge

We have most of one day in MK. It is our last day, my dd’s birthday, and we are doing DAH.

The night before we are doing an MK Fireworks Cruise, so we will see HEA from the Seven Seas Lagoon, but will not be able to see the projections.

Is there a chance to see HEA from a decent angle/view w/o having to dish out $$$ for a dessert party? I’ve heard that the area in front of Casey’s opposite from the dessert party could be a good spot.

I already dropped $360+ for the three of us for DAH so I’m hesitant to spring more funds for the dessert party. We also have dinner at BOG (5:20p) and will start having unlimited Mickey Bars available starting at 10pm so the food isn’t something we will be overly interested in.

Thoughts? Strategies? I of course would prefer not staking out a spot for hours beforehand either.

In June last year we got great spots about 30 minutes before. One was toward the side but was still incredible. The front and center was even better, but I think we got lucky that time because at some point they close out the walking path across and they told us to fill it in.

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A spot that I like a lot is the on the bridge going into Tomorrowland. You’re only slightly to the side. You can just walk up minutes before basically and grab a spot along the rail.