Talk me into (or out of) EMM Fantasyland

Taking our first family trip with our boys (almost 3 and 5) next month, and I’m super torn about Early Morning Magic.

The pros: It will be the first day of our trip, and I’d love them to get experience everything with less crowds. We’ll be going back to the resort in the early afternoon for naps, so it would extend our time a little. I’m not sure how much patience they’ll have for lines, so it would be nice to have some time where we can say yes if they say “let’s do it again!”

The cons: we already have fast passes for the big rides, the littler guy won’t be tall enough for 7DMT, and I’d have to give up an 8:15 BOG. (Or would I? Is there a way to keep both and just get, like, a cupcake from BOG so we can see inside?)


I say don’t do it, at that age their favorite ride could be the carousel. Save it for when they are older. You already have a pre rope drop breakfast to avoid the crowds.


I agree with @Tate. I loved EMM at MK but my kids are much older. Being able to ride 7DMT multiple times is awesome, but your youngest can’t ride it.
With your FPs and a good TP you can minimize waiting (and save lots of money by skipping EMM).


I would stick with your PPO breakfast. If you’re hitting the rides right at rope drop, you can still repeat favorites or modify fp to those favorites. We did both on our trip. (see Mickey-tastic trip report for more details.)

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