Talk me down

With the park hour changes for November/December I am completely re-thinking our whole plan. 44 days to go- this is totally normal right?


Of course. New information. You have to adjust. :slight_smile:

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I just wish this had happened BEFORE I made fastpasses!

It’s completely up to you whether to re-plan or not.

Since you have a TP (I assume), then you already have the bones of a good plan. So an extra hour could mean you can add in things you’d left out, re-riding favourites, taking it a bit slower. This is where Evaluate comes into it’s own.

Or it could mean re-planning! Remember to make sure you force the optimiser to use your fastpasses. And take a copy of your current plan before you start, so you can revert if you want to.

Some people like a lot of replanting, others don’t. Good luck :grinning:


We have 29 days to go and I’m panicking! We were planning on RD MK but I don’t think we can get there at 6:30 in the morning now and the other day we’re at MK our before park opens CRT ADR is now right when it opens so we lose a vital hour :frowning: TP says nothing changes, but I don’t see how nothing changes, I just don’t think it’s got the changes yet really.

Conditions change, so you re-plan. No sense going forward with a plan that is not based on the current conditions. Re-optimize and tell it to use your current FPP reservations.

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I must have missed something, What hours changed? My trip is 48 day out. Has touring plans already modded the hours? Do I need to go in and adjust my plans?

Our hours changed a few weeks before our trip and I just adjusted. I kept the same FPP but added some stuff in the earlier hours they had. I was able to get MORE in than I’d originally planned some days.

I looked at my plans it seems at if the MK is opening an hour earlier now than what I had originally planned for. I may make a couple adjustments not sure yet.