Talk me down- adding a day at UOR

I leave 7/4 on my solo WDW trip. After reading @profmatt’s lovely report about his time at Universal I am frantically trying to decide if I can fit a day in. Ouch is it expensive though! $170 for a one day P2P, plus $139 for an express pass :scream:

My kids are 1 & 3. It’s going to be a long time until they are ready to visit UOR.

So- first full day there (7/5) or Saturday (7/7) before we do DAH?

Also would a VIP tour be an easier way to hit the highlights in one day? Maybe I should spring for it since it comes with Express pass anyway…

I did the VIP experience last year.

Plusses: you hit all the major rides with literally zero wait — you go directly to the front of the line, you get an Express Pass after it’s over, and there’s plenty of time to use it, or to explore WWOHP

Minuses: it all goes by in a blur, you miss the queuing experiences, towards the end the motion-simulators become a bit samey and nausea-inducing

I can’t speak to the VIP tour, but I’d say it depends on how much you like Harry Potter, thrill rides, and other Universal IPs.

I personally love Harry Potter, so splurging on the pricey 1 day 2 park pass is a must on my next vacation. Last time I went, I spent the entire time in both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. The Simpsons area is cute, and the MIB ride is fun, but the rest I could take or leave.

tl;dr Worth the price to see Harry Potter areas if you’re a big fan, or like bigger coasters, otherwise probably not.

We stayed onsite last summer and thought Express pass was included