Takumi-Tei questions

I’ve been struggling to find a location for dinner at Epcot that excites me. I’ve done Monsieur Paul on my last two trips, but don’t want to do it again. There’s limited general availability because my trip is in five weeks time.

But I spotted availability at Takumi-Tei and thought, hmm . . .

Some questions:

  1. I have CP dining package seats for the 8.15pm performance. My dinner reservation is 5pm. I’m thinking that should be enough time, especially as the DP line for CP is basically right outside the restaurant. Does this seem reasonable?

  2. What is the minimum dress-code I can get away with? I don’t want to seem like a slob, but getting dressed up for dinner is a major PITA, especially as an International traveller who likes to pack light. I’m basically thinking of simply switching out my t-shirt for a collared (dress) shirt.

  3. I’m not really a fan of sushi. Does this make T-T a poor choice?

I’m attracted to the “experience”, the quality, the atmosphere / environment.

ETA: Disney’s website makes no reference to dress code at T-T at all, strangely.

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It sounds like a wonderful dining experience. The only thing that might get you is time. I listened to a review that mentioned it took over three hours.

I think that may only be if you have the full tasting menu. I have in mind just ordering three courses. I think they throw in an amuse bouche and maybe a palette cleanser at some point.

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I think you are right! The review was for the full tasting menu and tea ceremony. I hope you can make it work for you because it looks amazing!

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If you are not doing the tasting menu time will not be a problem. I wore hiking shorts and a shirt with a collar, golf shirt. I don’t like sushi either, not a problem don’t order it. I got the Japanese Wagu beef, which was probably the best cut of meat I ever had. Between that and the service it was the best meal I have had on property. I , however have not been to V&A.


Thanks for that.

I’m nervous about the Japanese Wagyu. I had it at V&A and hated it — so rich and fatty. Whereas the Wagyu I had at Tiffins made it the best meal I’ve had on property.

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I did not find it fatty at all, it just seemed to melt in your mouth. I am returning to Takumei Tei in December so my wife can experience it. Service is better than Tiffins, but now I will look for the Wagyu there next time.