Takumi-tei is fantastic

I frequently sing the praises of VN and Sommerfest - and after all pizza originated in Italy and “weiner” are actually “Weinerwurst” (aka Vienna Sausage, and are closely related to knockwurst).

Now if there was only somewhere on site to get good Chicago deep dish pizza without having to order from Giordano’s…

I feel the same pain…

Oh yes, the tasting menu at Jaleo is SO GOOD!! :yum:

I wouldn’t rule it out. Lots of 1 credit restaurants have entrees that cost around $50. Takumi-Tei might add an supplemental charge for their most expensive entree, but I don’t see their current prices as a reason for them not to be on the DDP as a signature.

Chih khen noo ghats

You know I don’t like Thai food.

I don’t know any such thing.

I am the “voice of reason in a sea of noise”, not the “knower of all things”. I think you have your Liners mixed up :wink:

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That was genuinely funny, and may even be true. :wink:
It’s even more amusing knowing the extent to which you & the UG staff don’t want any special treatment.

I was under the impression the pizza was Italian, as is macaroni. Excuse a non-American’s ignorance but what is a wiener - is it something small? Europe has some wonderful food - escargots (snails), grenouilles (Frogs legs yes, really the legs of frogs), crepes, gallets, snitzel, bratwurst, apple sauce, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, Moules and frites, Coquilles St Jacques, Cheddar, Stilton, Camembert, Brie, Roquefort, Jarlsberg, Bean Croq, Razor clams ……

Is that a main or desert?

Ate here a few weeks ago and it’s the best meal I’ve ever eaten on property and maybe the best meal experience (overall) I’ve ever had. If you can afford it do it.


Did you do the tasting menu or order off the menu? Any food or drink recommendations?

I had the chefs menu and alcohol pairings so it was all chosen for me.

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