Taking one year old to mk with older ds

So I might be nuts but thinking of taking a day trip before summer starts with ds15months and ds5(a seasoned Disney pro :wink: ) to mk… By myself! I know most rides we could do together (dumbo,pan,pooh,LM, carpets, small world, horses…) but my ds5 loves the speedway… Can we ride it with ds15 months?? Buzz? Is there anything else we can that I’m missing? Thanks!!! (We will be back as a group for mnsshp and will catch all the mts that trip!)

I rode both the Speedway and Buzz with my son and an older child when he was about 14 months old. You should be good. Have fun and good luck!

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Perfect! Thank you!!! A trip to mk is no good without a few (yes more then one!) trips around the speedway!!!

FYI - I think the Speedway has a height restriction of 32 inches…so I guess it depends on how tall the little guy is. Buzz doesn’t have a height restriction so that should be fine.

However, I think you will have fun day. Just things like bathroom breaks and eating can be a little more challenging with one parent - just come with patience!

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