Taking on the World - Solo January 2022

I can’t promise fully live updates in real time, but I will do my best to catch up!!

While planning my trip with dd20 in October, I came across the plans for the Epic Liner Meet in July so I upgraded to an AP. Of course, now I need to use the AP. :rofl:

For a solo trip, this weekend impacts the rest of my family the least. Ds16’s school is closed Friday and Monday, so dh will only have to do solo drop off and pick up one day. Dd20 left yesterday to drive to Dubuque, Iowa for her second drum corps audition with a corps there. Cross your fingers she gets a spot!!

I thankfully don’t feel like I have to do ALL the things since I just visited in October, but I have a lot of favorites so I will be trying to fit in as much as possible!

I fell in love with @TheSafetyLady 's “kids” so I asked for a pair of my own for Christmas. They are ready to take on the world with me! I can’t wait to get them a couple of extra outfits!

Flying Southwest this morning out of Philadelphia. Usually dh will drop me off, but with an early flight and a late arrival on Tuesday night I opted to drive and park off site. Of course this involved finding a new off site parking lot since our regular one is still closed due to the pandemic.

Listening to some appropriate music…

I opted to use Quicksilver for transportation. It is much pricier than the Mears option, but I was wary about how smoothly it would all work and I have a hard time paying for something that is “less than” what we used to get for free. My tune may change as time goes on, but I am okay with splurging a bit.

This visit, I will be staying at Pop Century. This will be my third time staying there. First on a trip w/ my two kids in 2018 (50’s pool view), then for part of our trip in October (60’s pool view). I requested a building in 50’s w/ a (standard) view of Hourglass Lake, we will see what I end up with.


Magic Kingdom
Dinner at Citricos

Animal Kingdom
“Rope Drop” Nomad
Disney Hollywood Studios
Dinner at Docking Bay 7

Breakfast at Ale & Compass
Lunch at Space 220 Lounge
Dinner at Le Cellier

Magic Kingdom
Late Breakfast at Steakhouse 71
Dinner at Skipper’s Canteen

Magic Kingdom
Lunch at Steakhouse 71
Late flight to Philadelphia!


Safe travels!


Safe journey! Your plans look pretty awesome.

Good luck to DD!


The airport is far warmer than I expected. The way cool Mouseketeer sweater dd gave me as a gift last year isn’t going to be worn very long!

This is the back…

It is so cool, but I am someone that runs warm all the time, so I don’t get many chances to wear it.


I really need to build out some playlists on my Walkman (yes, it is a Walkman, they are digital now!).

Moana finished then moved on to the Monkees, now it is Sting. I had searched “albums” so that was alphabetical from Moana, to Monkees, to My Songs (Sting album).

The gate looks to be getting restless. Packing up the laptop!


Safe travel and have fun! If we actually make it there, we’ll be at MK Monday! Would love to meet up.

Best wishes to your DD. I love DCI. I’ve gone to finals weekend in Indy a few times and it’s one of my favorite things. What Corp is she auditioning for?


That would be awesome!

She is auditioning for the Colts. Dd is a cymbal player so there aren’t a lot of options. There are only five world class corps with cymbal lines!

She marched in Jersey Surf in 2019.


I love a good solo report!! Have the best time!


Wow, that is not a lot. Does she have any other auditions? The color guard director at our DD’s HS was in the Colt’s color guard a few years ago.

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She already auditioned (and didn’t make) Madison Scouts. The other corps are Jersey Surf, Seattle Cascades, and Santa Clara Vanguard.

She doesn’t play the correct style for SCV, and Seattle is on par with Surf.

If she doesn’t get the spot with Colts, she still has a home with Surf.

It is all so complicated.


You’ve stolen a number of my ideas for your solo trip, so I shall be following closely to see how they pan out. Very interesting. Also, love the sweater.


Solo reports are the best, I think, because the reporter can remain “live” without need for consideration of others.



I imagine SCV would be a tough audition too! They all do have a different style. My personal favorite is the Blue Stars. I love their storytelling. Their Star Crossed program from 2018 is my favorite. I guess I’m just sappy :joy:

Hope all goes well for her!

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Fingers crossed for your Dd.
Your kids are cute and gave me a huge smile.
Love the sweater!
Your plans sound fab.
Staying at Pop next month … for the first time.
Have all the fun!!!


Have a great trip!


I love, love this sweater! Im a sweater fan. Love the plan and can’t wait to see some Disney pics. Fingers crossed for DD!


Just landed 25 minutes EARLY! (but still on the plane)

I try very hard to not pass judgement on other people’s parenting, but sometimes it is difficult. :roll_eyes:

No room assignment yet.


Solo trips are awesome! I hope hou really enjoy yours. Looks like you have great plans and some great company with the kids. Can’t wait to see what they get into!



Landed at 9:40 instead of the scheduled 10:05.

Was walking out of the airport following the Quicksilver driver who had my bags at 10:23. Stopped at Publix to pick up some iced tea for the room and pulled up to Pop Century at 11am.

Huge line at baggage check in (a bus had just pulled in) so I dragged my stuff to the food court for an early lunch. I had only had the small snack bag on the plane since my quick dinner last night… and have been up since 3:30am.

Just got the, your room isn’t ready yet text, so will grab my park bag, check the rest, and head to MK!