Taking Mears Back to MCO from Another Resort

Has anyone done this?

My friend that is traveling with me has a 2:30pm flight. We are staying at POFQ and have breakfast scheduled at Topolino’s for 9am that morning.

I was thinking that we can take her luggage w/ us to Riviera, check it at Bell Services there, go to breakfast, and have Mears pick her up at Riviera at 11:30 (we are guessing 3 hours before scheduled departure).

We could check her stuff at POFQ and then have here Uber back after breakfast, but we are figuring that it would be more relaxing to just leave from Riviera.

Thoughts? Anyone have experience doing something similar?


I will add that friend isn’t an Uber user so Mears is the easier (and less stressful) option for her to return solo to MCO.

I am leaning towards using Uber on the way to POFQ, but we are traveling together and she won’t be navigating by herself. :slight_smile:


Back in the Magical Express days you could not do this because the “free” transport was tied to your Disney reservation. Now that it’s not tied to your reservation number, I assume you could just tell them you’re staying at Riviera.

Should work out, though it’s always a small risk to check bags at a resort you’re not staying at. 99% of the time no one will ask or care if you’re staying there. I know @LTinNC82 has done this many times and just says she is checking out.


Yes I have done this many times at many different resorts and never had anyone question it. At most they ask checking in or out so they know to put it somewhere easily retrievable if you’re checking out vs if you’re going to have it delivered to your room. I’ve always told them checking out or that I’m just there for a meal. Never had anyone say no with a little cash in hand either.


Mears have no idea where you are staying and should pick you up from anywhere.


This won’t be a problem. As @missoverexcited said Mears has no resort reservation numbers so you can pick any resort to leave from. One trip this year I used them to get to and from the airport to pick up my luggage that arrived 2 days after me. I just picked random flights on random airlines that worked for the times I wanted to go.