Taking Kids on a Red Eye Flight

Has anyone done this? I am considering this option for our trip back to the East Coast from DLR in April. Is that crazy? It feels a bit crazy. I should mention that they will be 10 and 7 at the time of the trip.

We are doing it in Oct with the almost 5 year old. I will let you know. Doing Disneyland that day so I am hoping he passes out from exhaustion smiley (I know I will!)

We did it coming back from Hawaii twice. They were 9 & 7 this time. It's an interesting experience with kids. DD7 did great and slept for 6 hours, DD9 was agitated and only slept for about an hour.

Not crazy. I did it with DS when he was 10 from AZ to NY. He slept the whole time.

Ok, well this is helpful. @Disneyconsigliere I will be looking forward to hearing how it goes, though I will probably buy my tickets soon. Prices are so good right now - i am usually one to wait but these just are not getting any better.


If the prices are great, jump on them! You'll never know how they'll react to it if you don't try. One tip - give them a healthy dose of Benadryl before boarding. smile


At those ages they will be totally fine and have fun with it. We've done it with babies and toddlers which is more complicated but still fine. smile

We did this last year on flight back from Hawaii. Kids were 9&11. They slept the whole time and were well rested by the time we got home. DH and I did not fair as well- never really slept. There was a guy behind us who literally talked the entire 6 hour flight. Loudly. I had my earphones on and could hear every word the guy said. Not sure anyone was even listening to him by 2am but that didn't stop him. Make sure you have earphones/music. But don't worry about the kids, if they are like mine they will crash from the exhaustion of the trip.

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Kids are pretty resilient. I'm always amazed at what they can deal with. My girls did first long haul flight last year (age 7 and 8) melbourne to lax. 15hour flight. Left our am. Arrived your am 8.30. Not one drop of sleep. Couldn't check in to hotel until 4.00pm so we were up all day (albeit a bit cranky). A two hour sleep before downtown disney , then bed at 11.30. then made it to our first rope drop the next morning with smiles on their faces! Doing melb - nyc next year via lax - that will test them!! Take the flight if it works for you - they'll bounce back better than you!

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Yeah, since we get in at 6:15 am on a Friday the plan is to work from home that day and let Him basically veg in front of he TV or whatever. I have a feeling I will be wanting to send him to school lol.

Thanks, all, for the feedback. After a lot of hemming and hawing, I realized that the red eye flight that I was looking at was Sunday arriving Monday, not Saturday arriving Sunday. Long story short, I am booking a Sunday daytime flight - leaving LAX at 7am (boo) and arriving in Boston after 3pm. I figure that while getting to the airport for a 7 am flight will be painful, it will at least be fairly free of traffic issues.

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We vowed never to do it again after two bad experiences when DD was 7. You have to know your child. If she falls asleep easily, is even tempered when roused from sleep, can sleep in uncomfortable places, then it will be fine. It is not fine for our family.

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