Taking children to WDW

A friend of mine is visiting WDW in June and naturally I’ve taken over and am masterminding the whole thing.

I told her to set up MDE accounts for herself and her two children.

She installed the app on her phone and on her children’s phones. She used the app on her phone to set up her own MDE. Then she did the same with her DS15’s phone. All went smoothly.

But when she tried it with her DD12’s phone, this happened:

So what should she have done? How do you attach tickets to children. And, indeed, Magic Bands.

She will be touring with her daughter, so they will always be together, but her son will be off doing his own thing some of the time. Including park-hopping.

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Her daughter will need to use her parent’s MDE login to access it. Because she is under 13 she cannot have her own account. Her tickets can be linked to parent’s account without any problem.


So how does her mother add her? Using the normal Friend and Family procedure, presumably?

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Yes. Kids do not need to have their own MDE account. I think it will be easier for her to just add both kids as Family and Friends.


She just “creates” her when she links the reservations to her. There won’t be a daughter named Sally, for instance, but she can hit the + and add her, entering in all necessary information.

At least that’s how it works on the US site


And Magic Bands?

She will link those to the children she creates after they are created using the “magic bands and tickets” link in the My Disney Experience app or website.


Thank you. That’s very helpful.

I think you have to be a certain age to have your own MDE account. The child should appear on parent’s account.

LOL…My adult children still don’t have their own MDE’s. It is so much easier to plan everything when it is all together.


Neither my teen children nor my husband have their own MDE accounts - agree it’s much easier when I control it all


Are you going to be there at the same time? That would be lovely to have another friend on your June trip.

No. We miss each other by a day, lol.

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You know how to fix that right?


I’m going to crown you the biggest enabler :crown:


I wear that crown with pride! Although I’m pretty sure I just have a piece of it like everyone did after Katy won prom queen in Mean Girls.