Taking advantage of discounts and effect on FPP, tickets?

I’m not a Disney Visa card holder, so I’m looking at the discount that will be available to the general public on Thursday, 10/9.

We are currently booked for a trip 1/4 through 1/9 (followed by a cruise), staying at WL. The current offer runs from 1/5 onward. Our TA says she can book as two stays, so we stay one night on 1/4, then on the discount from 1/5 through 1/9.

Does anyone know what effect will this have on our ability to book FPP? I think we’re doing room-only discount, not the package (not a fan of the dining plan). So we’ll have, what, 6 day tickets linked to the first night? Or just linked to us in MDE and not associated with any particular segment of the split stay?

Will that allow us to make FPPs for our entire stay? Or will we have to book FPP 60 days out from day one, then able to book the rest of our stay 60 days out from day two?

I’m not sure what will happen, any ideas from anyone who has done a split stay before with FPP?

I’m not interested in A&E, but we are interested in 7dmt, we’re looking for that ideally on 1/6 and/or 1/7. We have a pre-RD CP reservation on 1/7, so keeping hope alive for 7dmt that day. Crowd estimates range from 5-7 the days we’re there.

ETA: This TA is not the best :frowning: It takes 24-48 hours for her to get back to me on questions, and there have been some miscommunications, so I’m hoping for other insight.

We just did our FPP last week and we’re doing a POR/AKL split stay. I was able to book the FPP for both stays right at the 60 day mark so as long as it’s booked correctly you shouldn’t have any problems.


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I’m curious about this. I’m wondering why it has to be booked as two separate stays if you’re staying at the same place? I thought if it was an RO, they could just apply the discount for the eligible nights and not to the others?

@scrapper1617, I agree. My TA said it would have to be booked as two separate stays, though … I don’t know why that would be.

They must have the rule that the stay has to start within that period? It seems easy for them to just not apply it to the first night. They already apply different %off for weekdays vs. weekends, so they have the capability. Good luck!