Taking a break if the park closes early?

Right now it’s saying MK will close at 6pm in late sept 2018. While I know MNSSH event is scheduled on Sunday, Tuesday, and Fridays, I’m surprised the park is listing a 6pm close (thought it would be 7pm, when the halloween party starts). Anyhow…the book says it’s important to leave the part and take a break for like 3 hours in the afternoon. If the part closes early, is it worth such a long break? We are planning to attend MK on 21 sept 2018, taking avantage of the EMH. We will also be at MK on 25 sept 2018 and 27 Sept 2017 for the MNSSH.

If you’re leaving the park around 6ish, then I would not take a midday break. One MK day we try to do RD, then break, then come back for fireworks, etc. Our 2nd MK day is a bit lighter but we skip the break so we are sure to see the Festival of Fantasy parade and then leave before fireworks for dinner off-site.


Taking a mid-day break takes a lot more time than you think it will. I wouldn’t plan any less than 4 hours if you plan to break based on our experience last fall. Bus service was particularly slow in the late afternoon/early evening.

If you plan to hop somewhere else for the evening, then a mid-day break might make sense. But I don’t see any way to do a midday break with a 6pm close if you’re staying at MK all day long.

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I don’t know what will work best for you, but for us, which was me, DH, DD5, & DD7, we didn’t like hotel breaks. We would start early and finish late afternoon, or start late if we were staying out for the evening entertainment. We generaly used mealtimes or snacks with a seat as our rests while in the park. When we did try an afternoon nap, only DH slept, and all four of us in the bedroom during the day wasn’t relaxing. Some of our best times were having dinner poolside at our hotel, while we talked about how brilliant our day had been. Even when staying onsite it takes a while to travel between the park and your resort twice. We hopped parks twice, my favorite was the boat between EP and HS, that felt like a ride in itself.


Ok. So you all convinced me. while I had every intention of going back to the hotel, I think the only one who actually sleep is me! DH and DD5 would probably go to the pool. We are staying at the Poly, which isn’t far, but I can’t see leaving for 3 or so hours when the park is slated to close at 6. thank you!


We stayed at the Poly, and loved it, was very convenient for MK and EP. I recomend the kids club so you and DH can have a night out, and take a buggy in the evenings and long days. DD5 slept through our Ohana dinner between 2 chairs, afterwards we transferred her to the buggy and moved downstairs to the outside bar where we could see the fireworks. Hope you have a great holiday.