Take That, Covid: Ten Days of Top Ten Vacation Moments with OBNurse and Fam

I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but it’s time for my family to head Home!

Like so many here, this trip comes after a long, long wait and many cancellations and re-bookings. Although I was fortunate to have a whirlwind 5 day visit in April, my poor family has been waiting over 2 years to get back into the World! And finally the day is here!

This is a bit of a Revenge Travel trip. Again, like so many here and everywhere, we found ourselves with a lot of pent up vacation energy as well as vacation dollars and DVC points to spend. So this trip has evolved from our usual 6night/7day visit to a 9night/10day extravaganza with some upgrades and add-ons as we give Covid the old “TAKE THAT!” I actually prefer a much more vulgar double gesture, but in the interest of family-friendliness we’ll leave it at that. Anyone who knows me knows, anyway.

We’ll be spending the entirety of our trip at a 2BR at OKW resort, our home DVC resort. Traveling with me is DH51, DD17, and DS13; these guys were supposed to celebrate their 50th, 16th, and 13th birthdays at WDW so we’ll make up for that this time - shhhhh! We have most of our time allocated to WDW parks and resorts but the three of them will take some time outside the bubble to visit UOR; I’ll take that opportunity to have some solo time at AK and other adventures. We have some extras planned that they know about, and some surprises planned that they don’t. And of course, many of you have been following my Super Secret Project, the unveiling of which will occur late in the day on Wednesday! I can’t hardly wait!

This Trip Report will be semi-live. I will definitely live-post here and there, but I plan to be doing most of it in the style of a Top Ten Vacation Moments daily wrap-up. Notice I said “I plan” because I do anticipate the pull to report live to be strong, and I think I’ll give in at times. But the truth of it is, my family needs some good solid Family Time. Like a lot of people, Covid has really stressed us in a lot of ways. We have been extremely fortunate that none of us, nor any of our family or friends, fell ill to the virus and I don’t at all take that lightly. But the stressors that came with living through a global pandemic have built in lots of other ways and we will use this time to Remember Who We Are as a family. Someone said on a podcast that I listen to recently that Disney (whether WDW or DLR or any of the other parks and resorts around the world) is healing, and that’s what this family needs right now.

So I will give myself over to them, to us, for the biggest part of our days. But fear not – there will be plenty for you to see and hear in this thread and I hope you’ll all follow along and participate in the fun! At the end of each day I’ll share our Top Ten Vacation Moments from that day, which will be a mix of my own thoughts and those of my family members. It will be interesting to see what stands out to them! And who knows? Maybe I’ll even let you Choose My Adventure from time to time :smiley: That was super fun last time - just please don’t send me to Creature Comforts for breakfast, m’kay?

We are flying down tonight in a last minute (Tuesday? Wednesday?) decision since the weather forecast predicted that our DD17’s recital was able to go off yesterday. We have a nonstop flight leaving MHT at 545p, and we anticipate arriving MCO at about 9pm. We will be staying over at the Hyatt in the airport, a first for us, and after a good night’s sleep will pick up our rental around 10am and head directly to MK!

Stay tuned, kiddies! It’s gonna be a good one :wink:


Have a safe trip! I will be looking forward to following along, but yeah, no pressure.


Safe travels tonight!


I’m so excited for your family trip!! It’s going to be epic I just know.


Yay! Safe travels, and Have All the Fun!!!


Ready to follow along. Have all the fun!


Aaaaaccckkkk!!! It’s here!!! I am so stinking excited for you and your family to be going Home. Have a safe trip and touch base with us when you can. I love the idea of an end of day memory recap. At about day 3 of reading @Jeff_AZ’s trip report, my DH looked at me and said “you’re not going to do {a live trip report} right?” A super loaded question that was much more of a directive :joy: I would love to though because I get so much joy from reading everyone’s. Have a great time!


Somehow my DH completely was oblivious to my live posting on past family trips. Not sure how. But I was telling him about (I think) Jeff’s trip report and he asked if I was going to do that or have I ever done that or something like that. I was like - um, every time? LOL I guess I manage my time with my face in the phone pretty well.


I may have been secretly planning many bathroom trips :joy:


Yay!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Which, let’s face it, at our age is believable :wink:


Damn I can’t play that card anymore! just got the surgery and now I’m like a camel


Yay! Safe travels tonight. I look forward to reading anything you can throw our way.

Our August trip is sort of a revenge trip as well. All four of us in our house fell ill in February (I brought it home from school). We were planning a nice, relaxing trip to the mountains this summer. Then DH said what if? And I was helping a friend book dining for his first trip, and I said, well, what if? And our imaginations were off to the races. We were last in the World in August 2019 and had to leave early for a family emergency, and missed out on a lot of what we had planned. So this is a double revenge trip, I guess!

Have so much fun!!


I can’t bring myself to give in to that quite yet.


This! :joy::joy::joy:

In seriousness, I was very conscious of being distracted from my family on vacation. I solved for this by not really doing any other social media besides my trip report (I even neglected other threads), which was a huge step up for me.

Also, doing it semi-live was helpful in that I was always posting quick, short posts with pics whenever I had a moment (in line usually) instead of taking a long time at the end of the day to revisit everything we did (which, given my personality, probably would have been more distracting from family time than the short bursts throughout the day).

Anyway … I am beyond excited to read your report! May the force be with you! :wink:


I can’t decide if to post to my business page or not. I should but…

I think I’ll just play it by ear.


I thought the same, then I decided I’m too young to “live with it”.
Ok enough of that!

Maybe keep a running note in your phone to use to post a bunch of quick snipits to your IG TA page at the end of the day, and have it auto push to FB, then copy/paste the same here.

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That makes sense actually. I don’t live report, I do it when I get home. But a single post could take me an hour. Spreading that out throughout the day would be much less noticeable!


Yayyyyy it’s happening! Have a great trip!!


:rofl::rofl: This is the way. :rofl::rofl:
Safe travels.
Can’t wait to follow along.