Tables in Wonderland

Can Tables in Wonderland be purchased at a resort or over the phone? Or can it be purchased only in a park?

Guest Relations in the parks or DTD are where it can be bought in person. If you’re FL Res and/or AP Holder, you can purchase over the phone as well: (407) 566-5858

Thanks, @mr_itty. I’m an AP holder. The strategy usually is to purchase as late as possible to take full advantage of your 12 months. But I’m concerned about a price increase before then. It’s sort of a game of chicken: let’s see how long i can wait.

@Mr_Itty - that’s good info to know; thanks for posting. I typically get mine on the way into whichever park I have my first ADR. It always seems to be EP…

I think that if you order it ahead of time the clock starts ticking as soon as you place the order which really stinks because it says to allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong about that.

I purchased TIW at Guest Relations when visiting DHS. CM told me the best time to buy is at the beginning of the month (any month, as long as AP is acitve for the entire TIW time). So, I get the rest of August 2014, plus a year, and they give you an extra month to renew. Mine is good until Swptember 30, 2015.

Those of you that have it… do you recommend it? If so why? TIA

It gets you a 20% discount for up to 10 people
It includes alcohol, and many of the lounges take it
If you’re not an AP holder, you can get it if you’re a FL resident or a DVC member
Free valet or standard parking at a resort if dining there (ADR required)
Also it gets you free parking at the parks if arriving after 5pm and have an ADR in the park.

On the negative side, it has blackout dates. On our last trip over Christmas and New Year we didn’t get it as several dates were blacked out.

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