Tables in Wonderland- What is break even point?

Good morning! I’m trying to do the math to see if Tables in Wonderland would actually save me money. My DS and I have AP, so we already get 10% discount. We will definitely do 2 trips. He loves character meals, so we usually do one character meal a day for 6 days. No alcohol as we usually stay off site and I drive. It is just the 2 of us usually, but a couple meals there will be 4 of us on the first trip. If the cost of TIW is $150, the break even point is $750, but since you already get a discount of 10%, isn’t the break even point more like $1125? Please help! Am I thinking this through correctly?
Thank you!

I ran these numbers a few months back. I think it depends on where you will eat and what you will get. For example, TiW is available at a limited amount of QS restaurants. AP discount is not. TiW is available if you like to eat in lounges, AP is not. If it was exactly the same and you only eat where AP discount is available and there is no alcohol, for $1000 with AP you save $100; with TiW it is $200-150 for $50. I save money with TiW because my $1000 would include hundreds not covered by AP discount.

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Just strictly on the math, I think break even is 1500. If you make the following assumptions: (1) every meal you eat is eligible for BOTH an AP discount AND TiW; and (2) no alcohol, then if you spend 1500, the TiW discount will save you 300. BUT the AP discount would save you 150, therefore 1500 is the first point where the additional 10% discount is equal to 150 (the cost of the TiW card).

So, if, over the course of 2 trips, you will spend 1500 at eligible restaurants, then yes, the TiW card will begin to save you money.


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Even if I didn’t make up the upfront cost with discounts, there are other TIW advantages that are valuable to me. First, it saves me time and money because I don’t have to calculate the tip. To save time and brain cells I usually end up rounding, and I usually choose to err on the side of the server. I like the convenience of having the tip calculated and included on the receipt, and I like the peace of mind that comes with knowing that neither the sever nor I got hosed on the tip.

Second, I like the fact that my the initial charge to my credit card is also the final charge. With TIW (if they process it correctly) the pre-authorization is not left open to add a tip later. That eliminates a big opportunity for human error or mischief.

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On our last trip, DW and I ate 14 TS meals - 7 of them signature. We well exceeded the break-even point. If I remember correctly, we saved in the range of $400 above and beyond the break-even point.

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Perversely, this actually saved me a bit of money. I’m typically a heavy tipper (20%), but if a restaurant insists on automatically adding a tip (which for some reason I find very offensive), that’s what I go with.

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I count that as money saved as well. As for the amount, I’ve wondered if some servers might not like TIW because they know they’re mostly likely capped at the mandatory rate. However, my wife (who was a waitress during her high school and college years, and is very conscientious about tipping) says she would have been thrilled with a guaranteed 18% and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re not going bust your tail just to get stiffed on the tip. I’ve never done that job and have no personal frame of reference, so if she’s cool with 18 I’m cool with 18. I’d be curious to know what other current and former servers think, though.

I usually tip a bit more in cash, like an extra $5-10, (above the 18% charged to my card) based on service because we have food allergies which means our food takes longer, needs more attention, & the table turnover is usually slower. Am I tipping too much? In general with excellent service, I tip 20%.

Thank you for posting this. I am debating TIW and we are heavy tippers, always 20%+ unless the server/experience is dreadful. I was wondering if people include any extra $$ since its a set 18% - been looking all over for a post like this :slight_smile:

We normally don’t. But occasionally we’ll have an experience that warrants a little extra love. The last time we were at Ragland Road we told our server that it was alright with us if she had other things that needed her attention more than us since it would give us an excuse to linger and enjoy more of the entertainment. She took the hint and adjusted her timing perfectly. We never felt ignored. Never had an empty glass. But appetizers, entrees, dessert, and check were expertly timed to provide us the most show time we’ve ever had. We were happy to pad her tip in exchange for conspiring to help us to camp out at her table a bit longer than her manager probably would have preferred.

I am an overtipper generally. I always add an extra tip.

I usually tip well, excess 20%. But at WDW, we are a party of 6, with the automatic 18% added to the bill. This has always bothered me (in and out of WDW) as I feel like they think I’m not capable of tipping appropriately bc I have the magic number of 6 people. In those cases, I don’t usually add extra unless some magic is provided or the server goes out of their way to do something special, in which case I will leave extra in cash. I actually have never thought about adding more tip to the already added tip for “regular” good service. But now, I just might.