Tables in Wonderland, please explain

Could someone please explain Tables in Wonderland? Is it worth it? Won’t the AP give us discounts at restaurants?

AP gives some discounts, but TiW is much more at 20%- includes many more restaurants, as well as drinks both non- alcoholic and alcoholic. Just head to the website- it is only one page- to see what restaurants are offered.

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Thank you for the link!

We used it on our last trip. The Break Even point is once you’ve spent at least $500 in participating restaurants. We liked that the gratuity (18%) was included.


We’ve used Tables in Wonderland for the last 3 years with our AP. For the way we order/eat, it pays for itself pretty quickly. We tend towards Signature dining and wine with dinner, so it was a no-brainer for us. For the two of us, we usually break even in about 3 dinners. Basically, it covers the tip.

Plus - if you have a car, valet is free when you dine. And if you are local, they have the occasional private event throughout the year that pops up.


We just moved to Ocala 2 weeks ago so I am much more local than I was in Louisiana, lol! Special events sound very intriguing. Thank you for the info!