Tables In Wonderland - extended?

I haven’t seen anything, I don’t think, about whether Disney is going to extend TIW memberships by the number of days the parks are closed.

Has anyone else? I just remembered I have that :slight_smile:

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All active Tables in Wonderland Memberships will be extended for the number of days the parks are closed.


Excellent. Thank you! I suspected it would be but had not seen discussion on it

It was in the same announcement when Disney said they’d be extending annual passes (the original announcement, not the later partial-refund-whatever announcement). It was just further down, therefore easier to miss.


Yeah I don’t read everything LOL

I was just thinking about this same question myself. That’s great news!

While we’re thinking about it, does anybody know how to see when your TiW membership ends? When I signed up, there was a deal where I got 14 or 16 months for the regular annual fee, and I wasn’t expecting it so I just said thank you and forgot the details.

I think the only place to view TiW info is the paper ticket. That may have the expiration date on it. My mom is the TiW card member in my family so I am not totally sure.

The expiration is on the back of the card

You’re right! I’m good until 11/30/2020, plus however many days the parks are closed. Is anyone else finding all sorts of excuses to book extra trips?