Tables for 5 always bad?

i have seen a couple of posts on here that imply that if you are more than 4 people you wont ever get a table with a decent view at Sanaa, is this true? Is it the same elsewhere, such as california grill? can you get tables for 5 in the sci fi dine in?
There are definite disadvantages to having a larger than average family, with 5 you cant really even split into 2 tables. bad enough having to fork out for larger room, but if we cant get a decent table either that is a a bummer

You can’t get a window table at Sanaa. At Sci Fi, the cars seat 6 in 3 rows, so someone will have to sit alone (you may squeeze 2 small kids in with a small adult).

is it worth going to Sanaa if you cant get a window view?

The food is good and I think you can see the animals before or after your meal. We’re not bothered about seeing the animals to be honest so I’m not sure but I think that’s Sanaa.

At Sanaa we were not right at the window, but we could still see out and enjoyed the view. Even if you are all the way in the back with no view, the theming of the restaurant is beautiful and the food is excellent. After dark no one has a view, but it’s always full. There is a “public” viewing area right next to the restaurant, so if all else fails, you can look at the animals before and/or after the meal.

Tables typically are in increments of 2; 2-top, 4-top, 6-top, etc. Four is the most common party size, so most TSs have more 4-tops than the other sizes. With a party of 5, you will need a 6-top, and as there are typically fewer of those, tables are a little bit harder to get.

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We were a table for 5 and I had my back to the windows (kids got the good view).
Reserved for 10 but reduced prior day to 5 once other family members decided they’d rather eat QS (their loss).

In my opinion it’s always worth going to Sanaa no matter where you sit.

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