Table Service under $25 per person

Please help me consolidate a list of table service restaurants with an average cost per person under $25.

Or point me in the direction of where this information also exists without having to look at each menu for pricing.

Thank you!

We are a big fan of Trail’s End breakfast, it is really good and pretty low key. I believe it is around $20. They have a brunch on Saturday and Sunday that may be a little more expensive but not bad.

You could use this from WDW Prep School:

It shows the average cost of each of the Disney restaurants. It’s designed for people looking to maximize the value they are getting out of the dining plan, but I think it would work for what you need?

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Can I clarify- does the $25 include a drink (such as a coke) tax and tip?

Tip and Drink Excluded. Only one of us will drink soda. Everyone else are water drinkers. We’re also not big on dessert. I really want to stay at Beach Club this trip which means I have to find some cost savings elsewhere so I don’t have vacation regret at the end of the trip :slight_smile:

A few options: Beaches and Cream, The Plaza, 50s Prine Time, Vina Napoli (split a large pizza), Sanna if you get bread service and split an entree.

I should mention that the list I linked above will show prices that include dessert since those are included on the dining plan. If you aren’t big dessert eaters or will share some entrees, you’ll be able to cut those prices by a lot.

Since that list is based on credits you would really be looking for things that average around $25 on that list- remove dessert but add tip. Funny, most of those choices are breakfast and Geyser Point I’m not a TS?

Yes. You’d have to double the amount for any signature restaurant too.

I think a lot of this will depend on what you like to eat too @SillySamsMom —a lot more places are going to be doable under $25 if you prefer chicken over steak, for example.

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in addition to what was already mentioned, if you’re at BC, you’re close to BW, Big River Grille and ESPN have most/lots under $25/person.

Do the Big River Grill and ESPN require reservations?

Big River Grille does not take reservations. I believe espn does take them, but not required, so not to worry if you can’t book ADR. I havent been there yet, our trip is next month, but thats what I’ve gathered so far. We are staying at BW, generally have 1 reasonable TS planned each day, and I’ve been scouting good CS options ahead of time for dinner. Light snacks for breakfast. Good luck!

Sci-Fi Dine In has burgers and sandwiches that range from $14-$19 (pre tax and tip).

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Do you mind sharing your TS reservation list?

This is great. Thank you!

Sure. Remember, most of these are lunch. We are staying at BW. tentatively planning to leave parks 1 or 2pm - 5/6pm ish each day.

1st day fly in, no parks, resort only
Beaches and cream lunch
Disney springs dinner (something with no ADR)

50s prime time cafe lunch
Probably Epcot WS QS grazing for dinner on way to MK for evening

BOG lunch
Something on BW or else QS contemporary or MK for dinner. Possibly earl of sandwich at Disney springs.

Restaurant Marrakesh lunch
WS QS dinner

D-luxe burger
BW pizza or QS for dinner

Yak & yeti lunch
Via Napoli Epcot for dinner

Last day just QS before evening flight

Some of these do have higher end options even though we generally stay in the middle range.

Me, wife, 3 kids 17, 14, 10

We’re pretty light at breakfast. Grab some bagels, muffins, etc. No sit down pancakes and bacon kind of meals. I know we’ll add in some snacks along the way. And I figured BW pizza would always be a good insurance policy :slight_smile:

Let me know if any input. Good luck!

This looks good. We’re trying D-luxe burger for the first time during this upcoming trip. At DS I have had Blaze Pizza. Although I had the soy cheese pizza, it was excellent! I highly suggest it if you like pizza and are looking for a QS DS option.

I had dinner at Marrakesh way back in 2004 and I remember it was excellent. BOG lunch was good. Dinner was excellent. When we go back though, they will have changed over to prix fixe dinner.

Without sounding cheap, I’m really trying to cut down the food expense this trip. My family has been spoiled with character meals and buffets, and higher cost options like Ohana, on our recent trips where we stayed Value. We’re staying either POFQ or BC this trip. Staying Deluxe has always been on my Disney Bucket List. DH tells me after this trip we won’t be back to Disney for awhile because he wants to experience other things. This makes me incredibly sad.

We take 2 vacations a year. This last one, we just got back from, was super expensive. And so I’m struggling with — just because we CAN spend $$$ at Disney doesn’t mean we SHOULD. Fortunately we aren’t going until Oct so I have plenty of time to work thru the emotional side of the budget.