Table Service Credit

We have a split-stay booked coming up soon. The first part of our stay is a RO w/o dining; the second half is a Vacation Package w/ the DDP.

Is there anyway we can use one of our TS credits from our DDP for the first night of our stay?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

No. Your DDP credits will not be available until you check in for your package stay.


++ @MouseGirl42 … learned it the hard way on a previous trip

DO we actually have to check in first or will they be ready the morning of our check in day?

You need to be checked in before you can use the credits, but if you check in online that counts. If you pay cash for meals before checking in CMs can also refund the bill and apply a dining plan credit.

I checked in online 10/19 then used my table service credit at Hollywood Studios on 10/20 without going to the resort first.

Was that a second part of a split stay?

Nope. Didn’t catch that detail! Shouldn’t post before caffeine…