Table service cost

Does anyone know the exact cost of these table service meals for adults and children?

1900 Park Fare - dinner
Chef Mickey’s - brunch (I think technically this is breakfast)

I know about distripplanner but I want to be sure it is giving me accurate prices.

The Magic Guide App lists 1900 Park Fare at $35.99/$17.99 for dinner but there’s a note that Peak & Holiday seasons etc. can make the price increase. Touring Plans lists $44.72/$26.62 which includes sales tax (

Chef Mickeys is $38/$20 with a similar “Pricing will vary at certain times of the year” note. The Touring Plans page says $41/$25 ( though.

Not sure if that helped or made things more confusing. I guess it’s possible Touring Plans is listing the worst case higher price perhaps? Or the Magic Guide App has older pricing? That at least gives you a ballpark, although it’s obviously not exact given the two sources disagree slightly…

Distripplanner indicates $44.72 adult/$21.29 child for 1900 Park Fare. The amounts between the different sources are close enough for now…although it doesn’t satisfy my OCD - which is another problem altogether! Haha.

Thanks again!

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If you call disney and let them know when you will be there they will give the price. Not a range, but what they will charge for that day.

To err on the side of caution plan on the higher price.