Table Restaurants for Lunch

Is it necessary to have a reservation at a table restaurant for lunch or is it possible to walk up and get served?

It is very difficult to just walk up. You could look at MDE and boom a last minute ADR. The Plaza only takes walk ups after 12:00.

Skipper’s Canteen may be a walk up. If you go on MDE and can book a reservation, you can get a seat. I looked on MDE and saw Trails End had openings. I didn’t have my credit card with me to book it. We had to wait long enough to get drinks and sit on the porch.

Thank you for responding. I was hopIng it would be easier for Lunch.

Thank you. Guess we’ll have to plan if we want a table lunch so I can book reservations.

If you are willing to go to a resort you may have better luck.

I had no reservations for my two day April trip. We had lunch/dinner on the patio at Hollywood Brown Derby. I got the Cobb Salad. We got off POTC the next day and only waited about 10 minutes before being seated. We left MK and took the boat to FW to eat at Trails End. I saw open ressie on MDE.

Basically if you want to be served have a reservation - you can walk up and sometimes have luck. You can also try to make last minute reservations. This is why we don’t do the meal plan.

Tony’s in MK is now walk up after noon for table service.

Also, if you are willing to eat lunch early (i.e. 1100) or late (i.e. after 2:00) you might have better luck with a walk-up.

Tony’s is a walk up like the Plaza? Do they not have the parade lunch packages?

LOVE PLAZA. To be honest nothing special to be sure. But it is good food at reasonable price with a prime location.

Over the years we’ve pulled it off some, but we’ve also been turned away a lot which if you’re tired and hungry really sucks. For best results show up when they first open. You may also get lucky at off times, but even late lunches seem fairly busy of late…

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