Table for 6 when it should be 8

I had my ADR 60 day window open today and have found at Via Napoli and Yak & Yeti it is impossible to get a table for 8, but very easy to get a table for 6. If I book tables for 6 (both at 1145am) do you think they’ll be able to seat 8 of us? It’s 6 adults and a two year old and four year old fyi. Thanks!

Did you look for two tables of 4? You would need two MDE accounts.


The other option is to call in. Not ideal at all given wait times but if there isn’t a 2nd MDE to use, but there IS another adult on the reservation (any Disney adult will do) they will book a second reservation using that person as the lead. If you book online you can only use the MDE account owner as the lead.


Good idea - so two tables of 4 at the same time and cancel the 6? Then they’ll seat us together?

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They will try. You might have a bit of a wait.

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Just tried it but since our bookings are all linked on the MDE it won’t let me make a new reservation - I’ll try calling

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Arrive for the earlier of the two and let them know you’d like to be together if possible or at least as near as they can get you. They’ll do their very best.

Fixed it - removed a diner from my booking and then used their MDE to make the new booking so now have two tables of four


Be prepared to wait a long time on hold, but it will be worth it if you don’t have a second MDE to work from.

Another question - is it better to reserve two tables of four or a table of six and a table for four? Thinking what will increase the chances of us all being sat together?

I think you’d do better with 4 and 4. Those tables can typically be put together. A 6 might be a round which would not pair with a 4 or anything else, actually.


That isn’t true, or at least it wasn’t true for my Feb reservations.

I’d had my leading reservation on the fake account that was used for the Memory Maker Share. I was able to make reservations using the fake account and setting myself as the lead. Basically anyone that had login to that account and whose real MDE was friended could login and make 60+10 reservations for themselves.

In fact, isn’t the standard advice when doing multi-table ADR’s is to book and put someone else as the lead, and then do the MDE owner as the lead on the last one.

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But you’re still using multiple MDEs to do it.

You and I are MDE friends and I am linked in the reservation you have at some hotel or other
You log in and make a reservation under your account.
I log in under my account and make a reservation too

Anyone linked can do that but they have to log in through their account to do it.

No, I actually logged into the fake account and made the reservation from there. There was been a drop-down to change the lead person and all the adult friended accounts were on the list. On my real MDE I’d had split stay reservations and the first of those took control and wouldn’t let me make ADR’s for the end of my trip.

At the time, it occurred to me that 60+10 ADR’s could be a side-benefit of Memory Shares. Since everyone on the share was going to get the login info for the fake account anyway, and they were already friended to the fake account. If the fake account had a long reservation, a month is the max. Everyone on the share could login to the fake account and make ADR’s for themselves at 60+10. Everyone would just have to be careful to not save their credit card info. ETA: This method also means that the ADR lead doesn’t have to be on the hotel reservation.

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You can do it under the same account as long as you dont do the first reservation under your name.
I just did this for a client that is a big group. Logged in under their MDE and made first reservation under someone they are linked to, then made second one under them. You don’t need separate MDE accounts.

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I swear I just tried this and it didn’t work!

But I will try again! Because that would make a world of difference.

You can’t do it in the app. That could be your issue. But I never do client stuff in the app if i can avoid it bc its so glitchy.


Good to know. I mostly use desktop but for multiples I will do some things from app to expand my device availability