Table configuations for large group?

So this may be getting a little too detailed, even for Liners, but we’re planning a trip with two families (2 adults/3 kids and 2 adults/1 kid/1 teen), and I’m wondering if there is a resource that shows possible table configurations at certain restaurants. In particular, we’re wanting to eat on the patio at Tony’s to watch the FoF parade, by a window at La Hacienda to watch IllumiNations, and the deck at Narcoossee’s to watch Wishes/EWP. I know such seating is never guaranteed, and that we would have to arrive early, be willing to wait, and be very lucky to get one of these spots in any event. However, if parties of 9 can’t be accommodated in these spaces at all, I’ll try to book separate reservations from the get-go, to at least give the littlest littles a chance at seeing the Magic. Anyone have ideas or experience with this?

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No advise on actual seating arrangements, but I’ve heard the view from Tony’s of the parade isn’t really very good. Also at Narcoossee’s, all tables are inside, there aren’t any on the deck. The deck is a standing area to view Wishes. So even if you do end up with a table at the window, everyone will be going out on the deck to watch and will block the view from your table anyway.

Hopefully someone can help with some better answers for you!

Thanks! That’s helpful information and I appreciate you taking the time to respond.