I’ve been trying to land a lunchtime reservation for T-Rex. I’ve had TP res finder searching for a month. (I swear I can find a time for BOG faster than T-Rex … lol)

Am I missing something? Do they offer walkup wait, maybe?

I’m looking for Friday, June 10. I have a DD15 who is obsessed with dinos and I thought it would be fun to take her. I have a 9:15 p.m. but we’re RD’ing MK the next morning. I didn’t want to get a Landry’s (?) card as I probably wouldn’t ever use it past this T-Rex trip.

I had no idea this would be the reservation I would have so much trouble with! Thanks :slight_smile:

I have no answers…but since it is outside of a Disney park, it means that folks besides just Disney guests can book it as well.

Is this one of the ones on Open Table?

Getting a Landry’s card costs $25 but they will email you a $25 voucher for their restaurants (or at least it was how it worked when I did it in 2021) so it is really a free proposition.


T-Rex Reservations are a friggin nightmare since Covid. The good news is walk ups ARE available, but the bad news is I haven’t a clue as to how plentiful those are.

I’d love to hear some advice on this one too as my brother’s family is looking to do it.

Yes - just get a Landry’s Select Club membership and you should get priority seating upon arrival. Plus a nice discount.

It is also one you can just call direct like a week prior as well (I used to do that for Rainforest at DS). I wouldn’t bother with the Disney ADR system for T-Rex.


Ah that’s the other thing I couldn’t think of.

I’d totally do that if it were a priority.

OH wow - somehow I thought it was a lot more than that. Thanks!

Thanks everyone. Off to get a Landry’s card and then will try calling direct when we get closer to departure.

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If you’re getting the card you don’t need to call, you can just turn up.

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I took a Landry card just for that but how much can we rely on it to have a table? We’d like to have dinner there before Cirque du Soleil so we can’t really afford to wait too long to get seated (and I don’t want to go have dinner at 5pm either).

When we went on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, they were taking walk ups with the Landry’s card and it was a 45 minute wait. This was around lunchtime.

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I believe you’re supposed to get the next available table but if there are other card holders waiting ahead of you, it could be a while.

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Thank you both. I’ll still try and call 1week before to get a reservation.

I also recommend the Landry’s card. The trick is though, to use it twice on your trip if you are a new member. The first visit you get the cost of membership back, the second visit (try for a different Landry’s restaurant) you get your $25 birthday discount.

I also prefer the peace of mind with a reservation. If T-Rex is anything like RC, call their direct restaurant number. Should be no wait on the phone. Nothing wrong with calling now to reserve. I had done this with RC about 45 days ahead and got the time I wanted. They take your phone number and send you a text confirmation of your reservation.


Thanks! I got the Landry card already. I am a bit worried about calling (I am still 80 days out). I’ll try anyway (not sure I’ll get a confirmation with my French or german phone numbers though :sweat_smile: )

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I’m 7 days out from my trip but considering a Landry’s card just in case we decide to visit T-Rex or Rainforest Cafe one night. Could I sign up online and still be able to use my perks without having my physical card?

Thanks! I looked at the Landry’s FAQ but missed that one.

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Hmmmm … I called the number for T-Rex and the phone message said that all dining reservations had to go through Disney Dining. I called during business hours. Maybe try with an actual person?