T-Rex reservations Tip and a question

When my DH and I went on our Disney honeymoon in 2010, we ate at TRex because we didn’t have a reservation anywhere. At that time it was an easy walk in. Well, we LOVED it. Now we can’t wait to bring our 7 year old, but MDE says the only reservations are at 9:30pm! I called T-Rex and the man on the phone said they hold up to 20% of their reservations for direct callers. They had a timeslot every 1/2 hour from 530-930pm on three of the days I have to work with, and there was nothing showing up on Disney’s end. Just a suggestion that I am sure many of you already know but maybe it will help a newbie!

That said. Has anyone ever made a direct res for Trex? They just take your name, not even a phone number, and it scares me not to have confirmation! Did it work out for you?


I just use my Landry’s select card for priority seating without an ADR.

If I might suggest getting the Landry’s card and then you 100% have nothing to worry about. It can also be used at Rainforest cafe and Yak & yet on property.


We use the Landry’s card too. But I have called direct before I got it and had no issues with the reservation. Landry’s works better however! You don’t need to have a set reservation and you can just show up whenever and get a table quickly.


Yes, get a Landry’s card! It costs $25 and gives you $25 off your first meal. We walked into Yak & Yeti on a Friday night around 7:00 with a group of 8 and got seated just as fast as people with an ADR.

We just did this on our trip. I made a 5:45 res 180 days out by calling TRex and they only take down your name. We arrived for our reservation on 10/19 and they had our reservation no problem. We did not do the Landry’s card thing.

Here now and have to say the Landry’s card is awesome. Used it at both Rain Forest Cafe and T Rex. They were packed and we were immediately seated. Love having the flexibility.


Gotta watch for promotions too. When I was there last year we got a free dessert.

Thanks to the wonderful advice this site I went ahead and got a Landry’s card and I’m looking forward to walking up at our convenience for T-Rex vs. trying to get a reservation!

Another Landrys user here as well.