T-2 days!

I leave on Friday. Well technically 7am flight on Saturday but we leave for the airport hotel Friday evening.

I’m so excited I can hardly sleep. I haven’t been to a WDW park since 1995 and haven’t been on property since 2000. DH and my kids have never been and we are celebrating DJ’s 40th birthday so this is a special trip.

Thanks to all of you for your support and fountain of information.


I hope you and your family have a great trip! If you need anything, we are here.

Have a great trip!!

so excited for you. trip report please

Thanks! Will do.

I’m right there with you…we leave on a Saturday morning flight! So excited that I decided to take an extra day off work tomorrow to “finish getting ready”! YEAH for vacation!!!

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Me too. I’m taking off tomorrow too. Yay!

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We’re leaving on Saturday too! DD5 has been “packing” (i.e. stuffing as many toys as possible into her hand luggage) for the last few days… :joy:

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