Symphony in the Stars

We’re headed to HS on 5/26. Park closes at 8:30, Fantasmic! at 9. Anyone know when Symphony in the Stars will be? Also, I’m wondering why it’s not listed as an option in the personalized touring plans.

I am pretty sure they are only scheduled through March right now. No word on if they will continue or not.

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If you look here,
You’ll see that they only list times through 2/27/2016. All at 8pm. Hopefully, they’ll add on to it at some point.

following. I’ll be at HS on May 4th and wondering if the Symphony in the Stars will continue also.

I’d understood this was a permanent thing - Isn’t that yet confirmed?

I’m planning for August and was looking for them…

They only have times till March because they move the firework times as the days lengthen.

Orlando Sentinal says:
We have a debut date for the “Star Wars” inspired fireworks: Dec. 18. Some coincidence, eh? They will be nightly and features John Williams music. (Official name: “Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular.”) This means there will be fireworks at Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom every evening.

Can we get them added to the personalised plans please?

I think they’re permanent but also still in their test phase. I’ll be there in May and they aren’t available in MDE yet…I guess Disney might still be testing their popularity as things change at HS. If guest numbers were to go down significantly as construction continues there they may not continue to show fireworks to an empty park. I don’t know though. That’s just my speculation…

I went to the dessert party last week and just received a survey. Seems Disney might be seeking feed back on both the party and fireworks. I rated fireworks as excellent. Who knows … maybe they will extend.