Symphony in the Stars June 2016

Can anyone tell me what the schedule is for Symphony in The Stars? Is it supposed to be every night?

Disney is in the process of completing a new fireworks launch area. Once done, they will be launching a brand new SW show that will take the place of SitS.

Dates have not been announced yet, so that is probably why they are only releasing SitS show times through May.
I’m sure they’re “hoping” to have it ready by Memorial Day weekend, but after the ROL debacle, they are probably being VERY cautious about announcing openings…

No trips planned so I’m not watching closely, but I thought I read that SitS will be going to a 4 night/week schedule. The new show, when it opens, will run every night.

Wow, don’t know how I feel about this. We just saw Symphony in the Stars and loved it! I guess the new show will plus it, right?