Symphony in the Stars -- Decent Viewing Location?

Will be at WDW during SWW and would like to catch SITS. I’m really the only Star Wars fan in the group, so I don’t want to make the family camp out with me for hours to get the ideal spot, but I do want to see them. What is a decent place where I could get a reasonably good view of them without staking out a spot well in advance?


We have the Jedi Fantasmic Dining package, so we will be coming out of there to watch the fireworks. I plan on being near the park entrance, some people even say outside of the entrance is a good view of the fireworks, though you can’t see the stage. I have also heard others say the Echo Lake area is a good spot. Depends if you want to see the stage show I guess.

Anyone know what happens on stage, and how critical to the show it is?

Well, since its a different stage it will be tough to speak to that, but even last year, it was just a warm up dance party thing with few characters from what I heard from people complaining about the loss of Hoopla.

Last year before the fireworks they brought various Star Wars characters on stage and posed them for a photo op. I saw it on video before my trip and decided it wasn’t that important to see it in person, so I chose to watch the fireworks from farther back (since the hat would block the view of the fireworks if you got too close to the stage). I’m not sure exactly where I’ll want to be this year yet, since I don’t know where the new stage is going to be.

I watched one performance from Echo Lake last year. This isn’t a great picture, but it gives you an idea what the view is like over there. Not sure how easy it would be to make your way down the street to get there after Fantasmic, but you could probably cut through shops and manage to do so.


Beautiful picture!!

I watched from between the AI theater and the hat and had a good view; same angle as this, but on the other side of the boat… I could “see” the stage, but it didn’t look like much was going on.

Hey @FlyerFan1973 and @bswan26, how long did you have to get to those locations prior to the show?

Thanks @LoveBug53.

@rosemergy, I watched from Echo Lake on Sunday, 6/1 last year. I don’t know exactly what time we arrived at Echo Lake, but it was probably about 8:45 PM (my notes say we walked through the turnstiles at 8:39 and I think we went directly to the lake). The area was surprisingly uncrowded on that night, so you could have had a similar view walking up close to show time. I don’t know if that’s normal or if I just went on a slow night.

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About 20 min prior. Wasn’t crowded, even at show time. Here’s the view from where I was.

The park capacity should be down this year due to attraction closures, and the space to put people due to hat removal too.

Yeah, Echo Lake was our go-to point as well. I don’t remember if they broadcast the stage show part of it on the American Idol screen or not. (I know they did for Frozen, but I’m blanking about Symphony in the Stars.)

[quote=“TheGraceysButler, post:12, topic:12009”]
The park capacity should be down this year due to attraction closures[/quote]
That’s true, and it will probably make things busier during the day, but I can’t think of any current construction projects that would impact fireworks viewing. There has been a rumor that Echo Lake will be plowed over at some point, but until that starts we’ll assume it’ll still be around. Without the hat, there should actually be more room for fireworks viewing this year, since the hat blocked anyone who was directly behind it.