Swore I would never ... and then

I swore I would never do another split stay but the outrageously high points I am using during April vacation at Poly have forced me too :slight_smile:. So 3 days POR followed by 5 at Poly villas . How do you make your split stays less painful when you are a person who loves to unpack and keep organized? Or should I just lighten up lol. Thanks!

My next stay is two nights POR, five nights Copper Creek . I am torn. Either I will pack a carry on for the first few days and leave my full size suitcase for the five nights. Or, I will pack less and do laundry on my DVC stay.


I don’t have packing cubes but this seems like the perfect use for them. Just unpack the cubes you need for each stay.


I was thinking the same thing.

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Used packing cubes last time with good success … But it adds another items to the planning checklist :grinning:


Color coded by stay?


The bane of my existence is unpacking/packing toiletries. Try getting them organized before you travel in the way you will unpack them. So maybe ziplocks inside your carry-case so you can pop things in and out quickly.

Definitely use packing cubes, if you have them. You can lift them in and out of drawers easily and you don’t have to roll your clothes to use them, if you have the right sizes.

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I got a toiletry kit and my sister, who is a flight attendant saw it and she fell in love. I don’t have to unpack it and it is all there for me to use and when I am done, I just zip it back up. Here is the link:


That’s an awesome toiletry bag. I love the compartments. Thanks for the link.

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I do have packing cubes and was thinking separate suitcase for. each stay

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I loveeeeee this

This is the reason that I never plan split stays. But on business trips, I pretty much just live out of my suitcase without unpacking, so I would probably do that for whichever hotel was the shortest stay…