Swolphin Transportation

Hi Friends! I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. What is the scoop with transportation at Dolphin and Swan? Are they using their own buses to get guests to the parks or are they participating in WDW’s transportation system? Thanks!! Michael

They have their own busses. Some people cheat and walk over to the Boardwalk or Yacht Club to use their buses as well. For example the Swan/Dolphin buses drop off at TTC instead of directly at MK so particularly for that park it’s probably worth the walk.

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That makes sense. Thanks for the information. Are people still using ride-share to get to the Contemporary to walk to the MK?

Post pandemic or during pandemic since this thing rages on that’s been only an option if you make a mobile order (and even then not guaranteed but up to the security guard) or have an ADR. Therefore walking to Boardwalk or Yacht would be a safer bet

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