Swolfin Doesn't Take Grocery Deliveries?

I’ve read on a few blogs (including wdwprepschool) that Swan and Dolphin will not accept grocery deliveries. The hotel website implies otherwise, but has anyone had success getting Prime Now, Instacart, etc., delivered there?

That was my understanding also, so i didn’t try to get groceries delivered there.

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Any that you could just meet there should be fine. I know you can track your prime now order so that would be my choice.

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If the hotel website implies otherwise, contact the concierge and confirm - make SURE to get their name, and have them make a note of your name, and time of stay.

In my experience, the misinformation about Swolphin runs rampant because they are not Disney owned resorts, so the “one rule fits all” might not apply. Many people automatically assume they are bad, or “off-site.” Do your own research and confirm details that are important to you. In my experience, Swan and Dolphin are top notch, and might even be better since they are not Disney owned. As AJ at Disney Food Blog put it, “I have no idea why these hotels are not always packed.”

I’m ok with that though - probably keeps costs down for me!


I’m glad to hear that. I was skeptical that it would take me “out of the Disney experience,” but staying free on points, plus location and 60 day FPP privileges convinced me to risk it. Maybe others have the same hesitation, like you said.

No Swolphin is great. I would also call to find out for sure about deliveries. But even if they say no, since DME does not take you to Swolphin, if you have a car, you can obviously stop at a grocery store; or if taking some other transportation to Swolphin from MCO, they often have a “complimentary” stop at a grocery store.

I do know that Garden Grocers does NOT deliver to Swolfin…however, even thought I like them, they are not as cheap as Amazon Prime.

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My trip last fall, I figured out that there were only a couple of perishables even on my shopping list, so I skipped the grocery stop altogether. I packed bottled water and non-perishables in luggage and in a heavy duty cardboard box to send as checked luggage. I figured if we decided we really wanted milk, cheese, yogurt, etc, we could buy them at the store at Boardwalk or the gas station outside Boardwalk. We never bothered. The refrigerator in our room was the small mini-fridge not the tall ones, so it wouldn’t hold much anyway. We had more than we needed this way.

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Oh great idea! I forgot there might be a disney sundry shop in the vicinity. I’m sure we will just do that, for our 3-night stay.

I will call, just to make sure! Amazon prime now was great on my last trip…I developed some bad heartburn during our day at MK…placed my order for Prilosec while sitting at BOG lunch…it was at the Grand Floridian by the time we got back. Lifesaver!

Yea. keep in mind, the First Aid in each park carries a lot of medications. I always pack stuff like that I might need in checked baggage, but it is nice to have access to Amazon Prime

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It’s easy to forget that in the craziness of a park day–I will try to keep that in mind next time. :slight_smile: