Switching ticket types

We have Park Hopper Plus tickets from our cancelled June 2020 trip. Rescheduled for May 2021 (I hope!). I know that if we’d been able to reschedule earlier, we could go to guest services to get credit for the difference in ticket price. Now that the water park is opening and hopping is back, will they still downgrade the ticket? We definitely will want to hop, but water parks are off the table because the new trip is shorter. I basically want to switch from a 5 day PH+ to a 4 day PH. Will they still do it? Or should I consider it a loss?

Always call, explain and ask. Disney is pretty good/helpful

It’s worth a try. I had a hard time getting refunded the ~$360 difference for my park hopper tickets this past December, and park hopping was not even available at that time. I called first and even politely elevated, but they would not budge. On a whim I went to a park service center right before we left for home, and they relented after some very gentle arm twisting. They would only provide my refund on a gift card though, which will sit in a drawer for a couple years or so but is better than nothing.

Their issue was that since my tickets were purchased (directly from Disney) almost a year before, the current base ticket rate was more expensive than the value of my park hoppers. n=1, but it seems like the in-park CM might be able to do more if the phone attempt fails.


I’ve had some success with downgrading tickets before if I call, even though the small print explicitly excused them from doing so. They basically refunded my original tickets “as a courtesy” and sold me new ones. It gets more complicated if you purchase from a third party and they may not issue a refund if you did.