Switching suites at Art of Animation

Has anyone ever booked a suite they didn’t want (Lion King) and been able to switch to Cars or Nemo when they checked in? My TA was able to get us free dining BUT we had to switch from Cars to Lion King. We can obviously deal with LK but really like the aesthetic of the Cars room MUCH more. It is also worth noting we will be going from 9/16 to 9/24. Thanks!

The issue is that, particularly for any discount offers, there are a certain number of rooms available at each resort (and within each booking category and even location) that are allotted to the offer so they can fill rooms that either actually have more availability, or that typically are harder to fill. This is why there are some resorts (I’m looking at you POFQ) that are rarely, if ever, included in such offers. To your point, I had a friend who also had to move locations to qualify for the FD. It was acceptable to hear, so she did it.

You could certainly ask upon check-in — nothing is impossible — but I would not count on it. I would expect to get the room type/category/location you booked.

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I think it’s highly unlikely to be honest.

For a start, there will be no spare capacity. And if the Cars suites weren’t available for free dining, even if there is one available when you check in, you will likely have to drop the dining to move.


I would suggest calling guest services. The cars suites were available (at least a number of them were) so they might be able to switch for you. Especially if people have canceled. Might be a good idea to try just after the 45 day mark, where people seem to cancel.

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So, my TA was able to add 2 more days to our trip (with free dining) and switch us to the Cars suite. I am so excited, we are a huge Star Wars family, so we added the extra days to be able to explore the land!