Switching Magic Bands of Different Trips

I have two trips coming up within about a month of each other (I’m one of the crazy people going back for Galaxies Edge). I was lucky enough to nap premium Magic Bands for both trips, but due to availability at the time of purchase for each, I’d like to switch which band is linked with each trip. Is this just as easy and deactivating them, then reactivating them for the trip I want, or will I screw everything up if I try and do that?

Magic bands aren’t linked to specific trips (as in specific confirmation numbers). They are linked to you, the person. So as long as both are listed as “activate” under your personal information on My Disney Experience then they would both work for you during both or either of your trips.


Oh sweet. Thanks

Yupp. They’re both linked to you, so you can even switch back and forth between the two on each trip.

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