Switching FP+ between party members

Hello, all.
For an upcoming extended family trip in June, out of necessity I have become the sole planner for a party of 8. In my rush to grab the harder to get Fastpasses like FoP and Seven Dwarfs I mixed up some of the times for individuals in the party. Is there a way to switch the reservations between party members, without taking the risk by dropping them and selecting the alternate times? Seems like the minute I drop one of the FP+ for FoP someone else would grab it.

There is a way because I was just listening to a podcast on it but am still not sure how to myself. Definitely don’t drop the FOP FP!! Wait until someone else more knowledgeable chimes in.

Can you just switch bands?

That’s likely what we will end up doing, but it’s not ideal. This won’t break our vacation, but it’s not ideal as the groups will be split up a lot.

I would call Disney and ask them if they can fix it.

Use the website, not the app and use “change party”

As @gamusicman says, use the website.

I think it was removed from the app for one operation system very recently. It may still be there for iOS for now, but seemingly the plan is to remove it entirely from the app and website.

All part of closing the loopholes that started last summer perhaps… So the only way you will be able to do it in the future is by swapping bands whilst inside a park.

Remember you can’t use a band that has not been used to enter a park. That will get your MDE account locked.