Switching discounts?

Okay, so we have two reservations for June 2018 at AoA. A suite for the 6 people in my family and a Little Mermaid room for my parents, they also have the Deluxe DP. A promotion just came up for one free QS meal per night. I could add that for my family - not necessary that we have it, but would be nice to get for free. My question is, if a discount comes up later on, could we switch from the free QS to the room discount? The meal promotion expires 2/11 and in the past room discounts come out in March. I don’t want to miss out on a free QS if we can’t get a room discount, but know that the room discount would be better.

I would love your thoughts! :slight_smile:

I have changed my discount a number of times to the same reservation in the past. Although I do not think there are as many available rooms per discount available. I would apply now and then try if a better one shows up.

How do you do this? I’m looking at past discounts and thinking a room-only one for Annual Passholders for stays this summer should be coming out soon. I’m wondering if it is wiser to book the room I want and then try to modify or wait until the offer comes out? Can you modify everything including dates, hotel, room type, etc?

For annual pass holder discounts I have called :407-560-7277 and they applied the discount. They have tried to “up sell” me in the past so I have always checked the prices before calling.

Very interesting! So if I have a current reservation with a discount and a better discount comes out, I call that number and asked for the new discount to be applied? Does this typically work as long as I’m staying at a resort that isn’t excluded from the discount?

It used to work like that but these days sometimes weekends or some dates are not available. I have always looked online if I can book the new deal. If I can I ask for it to be applied.

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