Switching days

What I want to know is if I can switch my plan days around. The day before I leave I would like to look at the crowd levels and then switch my plans to have them on the least crowded days. So if my MK day on Wednesday would be better on Friday can I swap days out?

Your tickets don’t lock you into any particular park on any particular day, so yes, you can switch. However, if you’ve booked dining and FPs, those would possibly be pretty hard to switch at the last minute.

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It’s really all just speculation until you actually get there. If you have Park Hopper tickets, I like to go to my planned park in the morning and then have the option to go somewhere else if I decide the crowds are too bad there.

yea. unfortunately you can’t just swap fast passes and dining. try not to worry about crowd levels. pick what you think best before your fast pass day and then stick with it. you can re evaluate and reoptimize, but once you have your,fast passes you don’t want to do a lot of changes…yes you can modify fast passes, but some of the big ones will be hard to modify. when are you going?

Thanks all for the input, I hadn’t thought about some of those issues.

Related question: if my planned park has ridiculous crowds, can I book same day fastpasses at another park?

Yes. You can switch your existing FPP to rides at other parks, or use them and then book 4th and more at other parks.

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