Switch from 15-20 Feb to 20-25 Feb?

Hi, a bit of advice would be fantastic please.

I booked the european offer (with free dining), including the 14 day for the price of 7 ticket, staying in Port Orleans Riverside.

We are travelling from Ireland, and have planned a 10-day holiday, with 5 days onsite in disney and 5 days elsewhere (to be determined). We arrive in late-ish (9PM) on the 15th, and leave late-ish (10PM on 25th). When booking it originally I decided to have Disney onsite at the start of the holiday, as it meant when I moved on elsewhere (to an AirBnB or Universal), I could continue to use my 14 day ticket.

However, now I am thinking I should move the onsite trip to the back end of the holiday (20-25 Feb)as:

  1. We arrive in to Orlando so late on 15th
  2. We will be onsite for Presidents weekend (15-20) and the 20-25 is likely quieter,
  3. It gives us 6 days to spread our 5-night dining plan over

On the negative side - our 14 day ticket is only useful to us for 6 days.

WWYD? There is no difference in price.


I don’t know that this is true. That will be the Princess Race. Depending on where you are staying your travel to the parks, plus an increase in guests due to the races, could be noticed. Tuesday and Wednesday most likely will be the best days there.

Interesting thanks - so Tuesday/Wednesday being the 18/19?

Yes! I often go President’s weekend. I am booked the 15-18 next year. When we left last year on Sunday (the 23rd this year) from WL, it was very difficult due to the road closures .

Thank you! I may leave it as it is so

I was there over President’s Day weekend this year. It was crazy busy. I don’t know how this compare’s to the Princess Race weekend but I can’t imagine Race weekend is busier than President’s Day. Plan on being at the parks early and back to the hotel by 2pm. We headed back to the parks for dinner and extra rides.

If you get to the parks early and have a good plan you will be able to get everything checked off your list. Also, if your budget allows and they work with your schedule, the ticketed events are well worth the money. Fewer people in the parks…you can really maximize park time.