Swiss Family Treehouse

Hi, is it normal to have a 25 minute wait for the Swiss Family Treehouse on my touring plan? Seems a little long for something like the treehouse.

It’s a huge time sink. Don’t waste it on this!

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If there is an actual wait for some reason, skip it. It will take about 15 minutes to walk through as is.

This falls into that same category for me as when there is a log-jam at a buffet line. “Scoop and go”, that’s my motto. This attraction is purely a walk-through. No one should be dawdling. But that’s the only reason there would be a wait.

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Ok, great. Think I will give it a miss. :slight_smile:

This is one of my son’s (age 10) favorites. He loves to climb. Never have seen a wait there. My son and hubby climb away while I sit in the shade and take a break., If there is a wait, skip it and check back later if your kids really want to do it.

We did it last time because we hadn’t. We also read the book together in the time between last trip and the one before so the kids were interested in seeing it. Now that I’ve seen it, I don’t need to go again. Maybe in a low crowd situation, but in high crowds it’s just stinky people slowly moseying through.

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Weird. Is that because your TP has you arriving at the Treehouse before it opens? I’ve never seen a wait longer than 5 minutes. My kids love it and we do it multiple times every trip.

My kids really enjoyed this movie and wanted to see the exhibit. We didn’t have to wait, we walked right in. If there is a short wait, I would recommend doing it, just once, if you have the time. However, as others have stated, be aware that it is simply a walk through. My kids thought they would be able to play in the tree house and were disappointed when all they did was walk through and see the scenes.