SWGE Virtual Line

Anyone else see the post over on WDWNT about the virtual queue for SWGE? We’re going at the end of July, and feel like we’ll actually be able to get in and enjoy the land without standing in line for 6 hours now. Thoughts on the process?

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Following…haven’t seen it but I will like this!

here’s the link if anyone needs it:


No time limit on how long you can stay once you are in means to me that if you aren’t in one of the early groups it’s still going to be super crowded.

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I’m interested in how this will work. I guess it’ll be sorta like FastPass, where it’s first come, first served, so you’ll probably still need to be in the park relatively early to get a reservation, but it definitely sounds more appealing than waiting for hours in line just to get into the land.

I was figuring that rope drop will be somewhat simple, just arrive hours before the park opens and get in line, but if i wanted to do something else in either of the parks or see Galaxy’s Edge at night, then I wasn’t sure how to do that. This sounds like it may solve that problem.

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OC Register has mentioned the virtual queue in a few of their articles about SWGE since at least March and yes, yesterday they had a more detailed article on it that WDWNT then reported on. When OC register first reported they mentioned that it would available on the app after the “soft opening” reservation period ended so that’s been floating out there for a few weeks without any further details, so it’s nice to finally see some more details on it now!

I agree it is a nice way to avoid having to wait 6 or more hours in line just to enter the land. And will be curiously following along on how crowded the land will be with no time limit and probably pretty much constant capacity!

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Thanks for posting this – we’re going at the end of July as well and this gives me hope!

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Sounds positive. But let’s be honest- if you’re in a 6 hour line you are not spending any money in restaurants or shops so Disney doesn’t want that! Waiting to see what they do at wdw.

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Kind of par for the course that an actual news site’s article has far more details that WDWNT, and then WDWNT is the link that gets passed around.

This makes so much sense. Having guests physically stand in line for hours and hours to get inside Galaxy’s Edge means a bunch of unhappy guests not spending money elsewhere in the park.

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I’ll be there end of July, so this is informative. But do we know if there will be FP for the Falcon ride then,in addition to the SWGE Boarding Pass?

As of right now it has been announced that Falcon will not have a FP to open. Unclear for how long. However, there is a big rumbling about changes to come to FPs as we know it in either park & I’ve always suspected that once SWGE opened, FP would become monetized.

What kind of rumblings?

That free FPS will become limited in some way & a monetized option will roll out (that would prob be one of the only ways to get the SWGE FPs). Most of the chatter is in regards to WDW & those who know details haven’t divulged many details suffice that whatever is coming is related to FPS & will be unpopular. If those rumblings are true for WDW it would only be easier in DLR where you already have MaxPass that is a form of monetized FPs.

They do have something kindred to monetized fps, but currently is only available to those staying at certain resorts at club level (YC and BW? I think :thinking:). For $50 per person
/per day you get to make fps at 90 days and get your usual 3/day and an additional 3/day, that don’t have the tier restrictions that you have on the first 3. It is not as widely available as MP at DLR, but there is something in place.

Oh yes, I had forgotten totally about the club level FPPs. Probably because I don’t ever see us ever paying that kind of money just for FPs. So I really hope that not the direction FPs/FPPs go once the dust settles from SW:GE.

I hope it will be less aggressive financially system but they are testing it for a reason.