SWGE TP Help - Late Dec Dates

Trying to figure out a plausible TP for Dec 21st…with no idea whether we will have EMH or EEMH (and if we do, I’ll stop worrying, because I’m fine with being there at 6 AM!), but assuming the park hours stay 9AM, the TP is telling me I’ll have a two hour wait at 9 AM for either Star Wars ride…help!! Hubby is disabled, and there’s no way he can handle that…and yes, we can use the DAS card, but I really would like to do SWGE first, and then the rest of the park, if possible… any suggestions from those of you who have been there since that section opened? We haven’t been since July…

Well, I don’t think they are going to run with anymore EEMH. It seems like the wait at RD right now is around an hour and the line moves quickly. With RotR coming up, it will hopefully spread out some guests. And Slinky Dog is still ultra popular. So, I am not betting on 2 hours right now. Just my thoughts. Have you tried making an Oga’s reservation at 9:15 or so? That could get you in earlier.

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