SWGE to abandon strict timeline

Thought this blog Mickey article was interesting and I hadn’t seen a discussion. Looks like any character from any timeline could show up in Batuu, starting in Disneyland:


I for one would loooooooove to round a corner and have Mando walking along with Baby Yoda.


I HATE that Star Tours mixes generations. So I can’t imagine doing the same in SWGE and not finding it jarring.

This seems like a silly change to be making right now.

They say chatacters from ome timeline will never be there at the same time as characters from another. If that helps.

I agree with you here. I think it’s fine for ST but that’s a single ride and is fun fan service. But the land is supposed to be immersive.

That said, I suspect there’s a lot of guest demand to see the classic characters and also the popular characters from the new D+ shows…

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The problem is they never should have put a timeline to it to begin with, and certainly not the timeline when all the classic characters are dead. It should always have just been “there” and generic so characters could come and go. Now, it’s got hard elements of Last Jedi, First Order and anything that deviates is going to look and feel really off.

Bounty hunters appearing is fine, but boba ain’t one that works because he’d be…90(?) by the time the first order is running around? Same goes for Mandalorian. (Though obviously grogu could be there without issue)

Better to throw in new bounty hunters that no one is all that familiar with and undefinable ages, like Wookiees and droids.


Timelines, schmimelines. You can always count on

  • the good guys are always the underdog no matter how victorious they were in the last movie
  • the bad guys are building a death star

This is what was supposed to be there in the first place. It would add so much!


During my recent trip, when the three characters made their appearance at the Falcon, I was wondering how many guests even knew who Vi was.



It was never a good plan and I’m sure they’ve figured it out now.

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IF the area had launched as it was promised regarding its immersion. there might be more to the argument that this is breaking the land. But somewhere along the way they decided to amp up the immersion and put it all in Starcruiser. Which, considering the timeline of Star Wars, I don’t blame them. Except for maybe “you should’ve had lands for the OT and the sequels, if not a 5th gate wholly devoted.

That’s where Avengers Campus has a big advantage: the Multiverse. That’s how you can see characters who are “dead” as well as various versions of characters. The Multiverse is always blipping. :smiley: