SWGE On-Site Hotel Reservations Released


I received my reservation last week for Wednesday, June 5th from 8am-12pm. Other family members traveling with us (but not staying on site) tried to get passes online this morning but the days we are there were out within 5 minutes. My dad was able to get passes for June 14th (for a possible return trip). Now Disney is saying all passes for all days are gone! Within an hour! They are going to have to extend the reservation period or something.


My husband and I each had several browsers open working to get them! I totally missed the link at the very beginning of the process to “Add Additional People here” and so my reservation on my account is just me but luckily my husband was able to get in to the reservations with his account & get a reservation for him and this time properly add the kids.

It was amazing how fast they were going! My husband got into the reservations just seconds after I submitted mine & when I was choosing a time, I had seen that May 31 was still available but by the time he added the kids & went to select a date, no more May 31. We were gunning for June 8th though but in just a few seconds dates were disappearing.


we are staying at DLH in July, presumably after this reservation period. But for those going during this time, do you need to have your park tickets ahead of time for your reservation? We’d always just bought our park tickets once we got there. I was curious about that…


No, you only need your tickets for the gate not to make a reservation.